February 18, 2009


Elsa and I left Binghamton, grabbed some lunch and drove like mad 60 miles north on route 88 to Oneonta. Sadly, the 2 o'clock information session we were in a hurry to attend actualy began at 1 and we missed it. We met the presenter as she was walking out the door having tried to find her in two different locations (across campus.) We signed in late and began to give ourselves a self guided tour. At the library, we happened upon a tour in progress, led by Alice, a knowledgable and very clear junior who welcomed us and told us many things about Oneonta.

Here is what I thought: Although modern in architecture, the campus has a pleasant leafy feel, even in winter. The building are atractive and there is a lot of light. The althletic center is amazing, and the soccer team looks extremely successful-they were NCAA champions in 2003. One negative, the freshmen courseload is dictated by the college. Students can only select one of their five classes the first year. Majors, again, seem funtional rather than intellectual. But overall, it was a relief to find a SUNY school that we could see Elsa, and certainly Jeremy, go to.
This is a photo of one beautiful dining room in a residence caled Hubert, I think. I thought it looked like a lovely place to eat and to sit and study. Elsa likes Oneonta better than Binghamton but wasn't blown away. We met the soccer coach and had a lovely meeting with her. She told us all about the soccer program at Oneonta and how important women's soccer is to the school. She told us about their training schedule and how players are supported by their professors and are allowed to miss class on Fridays when the team has to travel, etc. She asked Elsa lots of questions and told her that she would try to come and see her play soccer this spring. We liked the coach a lot.
Elsa's overall rating: 4.5-5. My rating: 7.

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Jonathan said...

Very informative. Why did Elsa only give it a 4.5-5?