February 19, 2009


The drive from Oneonta to Pougheepsie was a long one, across windy route 28 to the NY Throughway, route 87. We stopped for dinner at a terrible diner in Kingston and then actually drove south on Route 9W to stay with our friends Adam and Jennifer in Poughkeepsie. The next morning, Elsa and I headed out to see three schools, the first of which was Vassar.

At Vassar, we had no tour or information session, (their tour began at 12) so we signed in at the admissions office, something every prospective student visitor should always do (we learned from Chris) and began a self guided tour of the campus. Vassar is georgious and the self guided tour was chock full of interesting information. Here is a photograph of Elsa in the building where the bulk of her classes would most likely be. We loved the school but ended our tour early as we were freezing and worried about time. We plan to revisit this school again later in the spring.

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Jonathan said...

The photos are gorgeous.