February 20, 2009


Elsa and I dashed out of New Paltz and drove 110 miles east to Wesleyan in 1 hour and 50 minutes. We arrived at Wesleyan's admissions office almost in time, but then were told to walk across campus to the science center, which made us officially late. We met and walked with a family from Kensington, Brooklyn, which was fun. Elsa and Emma have friends in common. The Wesleyn information session took place in a lecture type classroom with rising seats. It was led by two students, a sophmore and a senior, who spoke informatively and eloquently about the school. I was pleased and I thought the school sounded intriguing, but it was the tour that did it for us.

This is the drorm we saw. The room we saw was untidy, but had potential.

The Wesleyan tour guides suggested that we separate and go on different tours. Elsa went with a soccer player, Ingrid, and I went with a lovely young woman from California whom I adored. She was humorous, friendly, knowledegable and clear.

I had heard from others that Wesleyan was not a very attractive campus. However, I thought it was beautiful. I loved the little frame senior houses that we passed on the way to the athletic center. I almost fell over in the athletic center when I saw the hockey rink-I had no idea! I liked the variety of architechtural styles and I loved the feeling and then energy present at the school.

"I'm in love. This is it! We can stop looking at other schools now," were Elsa's words to me after the tours ended. I was happy to hear this from her because I was feeling the same way about the school during my tour. I can't believe I'm going to write this, but I felt the $40K difference. Elsa gave her player profile and video to Ingrid to give to the Wesleyan soccer coach, who had left for Enland at 12 noon on the day we visited. We were sorry to miss her, but just couldn't get there any earlier. Too bad, because we don't have a complete sense of what Elsa's experience would be like at Wesleyan having not met the coach.

But, as Heather says, we'll just have to go back. And we will. Elsa's rating: 10. My rating: 10.

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Heather said...

yeah! So happy you have both found a 10!