April 14, 2009

Bryn Mawr

The MAPS tournament and Easter postponed the continuation of our April tour until the 13th. Bright and early Monday morning, we set off for Swarthmore and were shooting to attend a 10:00 am tour and information session. However, we left later than planned and hit spots of heavy traffic, delaying our arrival just long enough to make us late. As I was speeding down 476, we passed the road to Bryn Mawr and Haverford, and I had the idea to reverse the order of the two schools. This worked out well as neither was expecting us at a particular time.

Bryn Mawr is beautiful. It's actually much bigger than it looked when we first drove around the week before. The information session was an informal talk, seated around a wooden table above a Persian rug in a wood paneled room in the rear of the admissions office. We were joined by another mother/daughter duo and an international student and an admissions officer. They were helpful and informative. After about an hour, we met Julia, our tour guide, who took us all over campus and showed us her favorite spots. We saw a classroom, a dormroom, the fountain where Katherine Heperin skinny dipped in the Cloisters, the science center, the library, Athena, the statue, and other places of note around campus.

One thing that was apparent to Elsa and to me is the importance of traditions and ceremonies at Bryn Mawr. We thought that this would appeal to our neighbor, Molly, very much. We're not sure it's Elsa.

Elsa had been in touch with the soccer coach who was out of town but returning that evening. She offered to meet with us late, after 6:30! But we were leaving the Philadelphia area for Lancaster so we were not able to meet with her. I actually think it's just as well as Elsa will not be applying.

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