April 16, 2009

College Tour Recap:

Here is my summary of bests and favorites of the schools we have seen to date:

Most beautiful campus: Swarthmore
Best Big City: Philadelphia, PA
Best Small City: Lancaster, PA
Best Towns: Saratoga Springs, NY, Middletown, CT, Carlisle, PA
Best Library: Not sure, I loved Dickinson's, but that's also the last one I saw...
Best Information session: #1 Haverford (for athletes), #2 Dickinson
Best athletic facility: #1, Wesleyan, #2 Dickinson, #3 Swarthmore
Best student dorm room: Smith College, I'll find the name
Best admissions office: Franklin & Marshall, roaring fire in the fireplace
Best bathroom: Bryn Mawr admission office
Happiest looking students: #1 Wesleyan, #2 Franklin and Marshall (even in the rain)
Friendliest soccer coaches: (abc order) Hanae Kaneshi, Jaime Gluck, Kelly Tyrell, Lou Reis (THE most fun!) Sarah Cooper
Best commute from NYC: Haverford, Wesleyan, Swarthmore

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