August 4, 2009

Steely Dan

As we were leaving our house to go to the Beacon Theater August 3rd, we saw our neighbor, Paul.

"Where are you going?" he asked as we loaded into our car.

"To a concert," I responded.

"Really? What concert?" he asked.

"Steely Dan!" I replied enthusiastically.

"Wow!" was his response.

"Yes, I know. We never do anything like this." I explained.

"We never do anything at all," my husband Jonathan added, truthfully.

According to the New York Times, Steely Dan, a band I have admired for years, has not performed on a tour since 1974. I would have been 16. Impossible. We don't do many concerts, especially not expensive ones. I can name the artists I have seen live in my life: Hall & Oates, George Harrison (I was 16,) Jackson Browne, James Taylor (twice) and now, Steely Dan. I named my cat 'Aja' after this album.

I have to say, this was a lifetime highlight. I've been to Africa. I've seen Steely Dan. I can die now.

The concert was fantastic. This band is SO talented. I love their music. Not one single bit was annoying. I love every song/piece they play. It's my type of music. The concert was worth the price of the VERY expensive tickets.

The concert, Aja, reminded my of my second year of college at UK. Lexington, Kentucky experienced a huge snowstorm one winter. There were three feet of snow on the ground and the state owned no snow plows. The town shut down completely. I was stuck at home, at 200 Richmond Avenue, a tiny Arts and Crafts style bungalow knockoff, with my wonderful roommate, Sugar, and her boyfriend at the time, David Sorrell. We drank Bloody Marys in the afternoons and listened to Aja. Need I say more? Thank you Becker and Fagen for those wonderful memories. Thank you for allowing me to remember them again.

PS This photo was taken from the Times web site. Had I been allowed to bring my camera, I would have taken a photo of my own. This one was taken by Michael Nagle. Where's Becker?
Read the Times review:

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BBR said...

I didn't know you saw Steely Dan. How cool! We never do anything like that either.

How fun!