November 6, 2009

Beacon Girls Advance to Finals Against Bronx Science

Okay, so I broke my promise not to write about soccer. But today was so exciting for us, I just had to post. Elsa's high school team is 15-0 this season. And in the post season, they have won every game decisively. Today they beat last year's PSAL champions, MSIT 2-1. The winning goal was scored by freshman Tyler Sloan off of an assist delivered by Jenny Angione. MSIT beat Beacon last season in PK's-it was a heartbreaking loss. As a senior, this win has major significance for Elsa. Beacon will play Bronx Science, an old rival (who beat Beacon earlier this year in a non-league game resulting in Beacon's placement as the number two seed in the post season,) for the PSAL NYC Championship. The game is this Sunday at Randall's.

Check out the video of the winning goal:

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