November 8, 2009

PSAL Girls Soccer Final

Beacon lost. The score was 0-0 through the regulation play and two sudden death overtimes. The games went to PK's and Beacon scored 4, Bronx Science 5. It was heartbreaking. But soccer is sometimes.

Congratulations to the Girl's Soccer Team. The girls lost yesterday's championship game in penalty kicks to Bronx Science, but dominated play through 100 minutes of beautiful soccer. This was Beacon's 3rd straight year in the championship game and it was the leadership of Elsa Hardy and Hannah Collyns-and the other seniors-Caroline Quigley, Dalia Sharps, Isabel Weiner, and Christina Angione that carried the team through another undefeated season to get to the championship. Thank you to all of the team for another exciting season and for representing Beacon so well.

Thanks also to the hundred plus students teachers and parents who came to Randall's Island yesterday to watch and cheer. Your energy and enthusiasm for the game helped push the team right up to the very end.

Next year-back to the finals!

Kevin Jacobs

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Anonymous said...

Hello the girl soccer is very passionate cause they really play hard and they have a good technique they always listen to the coach and sometimes the boys dont do this they always want to be the show man and not help the team. my team mate loss a easy goal so i look the coach and he have signs of heart attack