July 31, 2011

Muhlenberg College

Back on the college search:
We didn't tour this school, but Jeremy is there for four days for a soccer camp to train and to be seen by soccer coaches from a variety of D1 and D3 schools. Muhlenberg is a small (2,300) LAC the perfect distance from NYC, about 2 hours despite traffic to NJ. Is there ever a time there ISN'T traffic in the tunnels?

From the description of the school, Muhlenberg seems to be a well rounded little college that prides itself on its sense of community. It offers lots of business majors and has finance as well, but also seems strong in the arts. It is not Greek-free, but does not seem dominated by Greek life. According to College Board, 45% of applicants are accepted, but based on Naviance, accepted students had fairly high GPAs and SAT scores.

Jeremy was assigned to a room in a quad the likes of which I had not seen before: he has a single room in a little suite of 4 rooms that share a kitchen and a living area. His building, South Hall, looks brand new and is constructed of those horrid cinder blocks, but is clean, airy and spacious. We suspect it is not a frosh dorm.

My favorite was the common room steps away from his suite. It has a full kitchen, including a dishwasher, a TV, VCR and huge glass windows which offer a view of the mountains.

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