July 11, 2011

My Favorite Neighborhood Houses

Summer is here and I am finally able to return to normal (non-teaching) life. One of the things I have had time to discover is the Ditmas Park Blog, a blog about my neighborhood. Reading the various posts about residents and the stories of their houses motivated me to write a post of my own listing my favorite houses. I'm including my own because it looked especially nice in the afternoon sunlight on the day I shot these photos. I don't know all of the addresses, but I think I can recall the streets.
My house, Stratford Road

My neighbor's house, a beauty!

Elsa's favorite, East 17th Street

Bungalows on East 16th Street-I would so LOVE to see the interiors! Are they Arts and Crafts?

My abosulte favorite of all, East 17th Street

A new favorite on East 18th Street

I also like this one, but I would ditch the flag.

Albemarle Road classic-I LOVE the colors!

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Calvin said...

You really did roam the city to get these pictures huh? I'm proud of you. How fascinating to know, behind the busy streets of Brooklyn you'll find elegant houses like these.

Calvin Mordarski