August 27, 2011

The B103, A New Discovery

I would guess that most NYC residents and frequent users of public transportation know about this bus, but I didn't!

I was trying to get to the NYC Department of Finance, Parking Violations Bureau at Borough Hall to fight a ticket (I won, Yay!) and thought from my house, I would have to take the B68 to 15th Street and transfer to the F train there. While I was waiting, a curious bus with the destination DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN/TILLARY STREET passed me on Coney Island and Slocum, and stopped closer to Beverly Road. I walked to the stop, hoping to see the bus' route, but did not. (Is it new?) So I decided to be adventurous (at my age, riding an unknown bus qualifies as an adventure) and try the bus. Well, five 68s passed me while I waited for the next B103 (there was also no schedule posted) so I gave up and got on the next 68 to come along. Hoever, on my way home from Barclay's Teacher Supply, at Smith and Livingston streets, what should happen to come along but the B103? So, still feeling adventuous, I jumped on and for one fare, I got to Westminster and Cortelyou, right where the fancy express buses stop! Thank you, MTA.

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