January 28, 2012

Ursinus College

Our second college search continues...
Jeremy clearly expressed an interest in seeing some schools closer to home, but in warmer climates than NYC. We have put together a list using CLTL as a guide, looking for small, nurturing places in PA and MD. And, because of his athletic commitments this spring, it seemed prudent to visit schools open to seeing juniors early in the year before the soccer club season starts. We were very lucky weather-wise today as it was a spring-like 50 degrees as we toured the school. Ursinus was sunny and livened up as students emerged from their dorms to head to brunch at the main dining area. Jeremy, his cousin Celeste, and I were guided through the campus by a lovely junior named Kristin who was frank, informative and very friendly. This was Celeste's first formal tour and it was evident how much she enjoyed seeing the school. Highlights for both prospective students were the special freshman two-semester CIE seminar, the possible majors and class offerings, the housing options, the size, look and feel of the campus, and the friendliness of everyone we met today.
More photos of Ursinus:

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