February 7, 2012

Dear Mayor Bloomberg, 2.7.12

Dear Mayor Bloomberg,

In case you were wondering, the first day of the 3rd Grade Museum of China went very well. We opened the museum after lunch, at 12:30, and closed it at 3:00 in time to dismiss our students at 3:20. We had a fairly good turn-out and lots of positive feedback from parents, grandparents, administrators, colleagues and students of all ages. As you know, my area was the shadow puppet performances and I oversaw and supported three different plays. As creating shadows in a classroom is dependent on direct light and objects that block the light, in our case onto a screen, it was necessary to darken our classroom by pulling down our shades. Fortunately, all three sets had recently been replaced-thank you-and they work much better than they have in previous years. Unfortunately, a parent helper broke one of them as we were opening them back up at the close of today's museum-a custodial requirement each day. A work request to repair the broken shade would not have enabled it to be fixed in time to darken the room tomorrow for the second day of the museum. So, the parent and I fixed the shade ourselves.

I'm not sure how well my students will score on the State Tests that we will administer this spring which will, theoretically reflect upon my effectiveness but I do know that I am RESOURCEFUL. I hope that you appreciate that fact, too.



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