April 14, 2012

Goucher College

Okay, either I'm blind, crazy or I have Alzheimer's. The school we saw this week in no way resembles the school in my mind's eye after visiting in 2009. I remember Goucher as having uniform modern red brick buildings and no trees. In actuality, Goucher is comprised of lovely new stone buildings that have uniformity in materials, but vary widely in size, shape, form and function. The campus is full of lush trees, gentle hills, and green grass. It is breathtaking!

Goucher is very different from the typical college campus, established in 18-something and having ivy covered buildings with pillars, etc. (Well, Goucher was founded in 1885, but it doesn't look like it!) Goucher is new, clean, sleek and fancy. It's like a show place. But it is also welcoming and inviting, and it looks like a comfortable place to learn and to live.

We arrived in the morning for a tour and information session. It was a beautiful sunny and warm day and the campus sparkled. The admissions office is extrmemely attractive and even has an a fireplace in the center of a sitting area. The info session, held in a cozy corner of the room with exposed brick and lots of enlarged press, photos and posters, (SO different from McDaniel's charming space but blank walls,) was led by an alum, Josh, who described the school in a very favorable manner. Of course, that is his job, but he seemed genuinely proud of the work that is done at Goucher. I especially likes his summary of what students will gain from a Goucher education. He said, "Students will leave Goucher 1. able to write, 2. able to articulate and to think on their feet, and 3. as creative thinkers."

We had a huge tour comprised entirely of juniors, mostly from the east coast. Seniors visiting that day were called into a special meeting with an admissions dean and given a seperate tour. We saw many places on the tour including an amazing theater, a student art show, the famous anthenaem (the library, workout spaces, radio station, study areas and lord knows what else!) the dining hall, a four bedroom apartment, the lecture hall, dance studios, a typical classroom and the athletic center. The campus was easily walkable, but a common mode of transport seems to be skateboards.

After the tour, we met with the men's soccer coach who was friendly and honest about what he is looking for in a player. He will see Jeremy play this summer when Jeremy attends a four day soccer camp in June.

We were invited, by admissions, to eat in the dining hall, gratis, thank you! and after our meeting with the coach, we had a lovely lunch. I had pesto pasta and the kids continued the pizza contest. I don't have all of the results, but F&M wins best pizza. I chatted with another Brooklyn family and compared school lists. Afterwards, we went back to admissions to return the meal card and to thank eveyone.

Goucher has an artsy and comsmopolitan feel. Students seem happy, but weren't as openly friendly as those at Earlham. As visitors, we felt welcome, not awkward, walking through campus.

I would be happy to have Jeremy attend Goucher, and he would be happy to be there as well.

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Hilary said...

Sigh - if only it was a fireplace that was actually used!! I worked in that office, as a Goucher student, for 3.5 years, and I felt a blazing fire would have been perfect during the cold winter days.

Oh gosh, what was my other thought while reading your description of your trip - I think I was wondering if Nadiera was your tour guide, because I know she lives in an apartment in Welsh Building/The T, but it could be tons of other people.

Best of luck with the rest of your college search!!!