April 14, 2012

SUNY Geneseo

We are please to post an article by guest author, Heather, mother of Lily, an accepted student at Geneseo. Congratulations, Lily!

I re-visited Geneseo this week with my daughter, Lily, and her friend, for an admitted students event. While her friend is certain she is going to attend Geneseo in the fall, Lily is still weighing her options.

Geneseo is a liberal arts college in the SUNY system, and is considered “New York’s Public Honors College”. The campus is very pretty, surrounded by views of mountains and farmland. The buildings are red brick with plenty of ivy to complete the collegiate look. Prospective students introduced themselves during the students’ lunch, and according to Lily and her friend, most were from Long Island and upstate NY.

Geneseo students: Obviously, they are hard working and intelligent. Our tour guide was a biology major and while he was active in music and theater in high school, his extracurricular involvement at Geneseo was as a tour guide and a member of a fraternity. He spends a lot of time in the library. Sports are popular: varsity, club, and intramural. Ice hockey is the most popular spectator sport. There are theater and music opportunities. Relay for Life was gearing up to start. We were hoping to her about the Outing Club, but didn’t.

During our tour, the President of the college approached and chatted with our group at length. He was very personable, and a great booster of the college and the area.

My favorite things about Geneseo:

Main Street: Downtown Geneseo, only about three or four blocks long, is on Main Street, which is directly adjacent to campus. It almost feels like part of the campus. We ate dinner at Geneseo Family Restaurant, diner food, friendly service, great prices. Main Street seems like an easy, quick break from campus.

GOLD (Geneseo Opportunities for Leadership Development): GOLD offers students the opportunity to attend workshops, each only an hour long, on various aspects of leadership. Students can work towards bronze, silver, and gold certificates for attending. The workshops sounded very interesting, topics include conflict resolution, ethical decisions, listening skills, communication between genders.

Price: A liberal arts college at a SUNY price. Fantastic.

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Luigi said...

You can not go wrong @ Geneseo. Make sure get over to BUZZO'S MUSIC & chat with Al. Buy an album or two. Main Street and the campus are perfect together. Maybe one day the Theatre will be restored and returned to a useful building. Oh yeah, stay focused and study. Good luck!