July 13, 2014

The (Missing) Kitten

Two days ago, I was sitting next to my mother in her house, holding her hand, looking into her eyes, and smiling at her. She was virtually unable to speak at all. But our exchange was peaceful, loving and pleasant.

Yesterday, I was arguing with her on the telephone in the evening about her safety after she told me that she was experiencing cruelty from her sub nurse.

Today, on the phone, I was accosted for dumping a kitten in her house, something she saw and heard during the day. Later, the same sub nurse was accused of killing the kitten. But later still, when I arrived at her house, I was asked to pull back blankets and turn over pillows in search of the kitten.

Ok, so what do you say to that? How does one react in a calm, yet clear, firm and assertive manner? 

Each day has a new, insane, and incredible adventure!

Looking for advice on the kitten…

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