August 11, 2014

I LOVE Hospice!

So, it started today, officially: Hospice. I got a call this morning that our new social worker was coming to meet my mother today at 1. I arranged to be there.

Shortly after Guay’s visit, Charles, our new head nurse arrived. Both are amazingly interesting, attentive, caring and, well… cool people. Guay is thin and stylishly dressed; and she was clear, honest and direct with my mother. Charles is tall, lanky and longhaired. He was great: very respectful, very polite and very gentlemanly.

Guay told me that she could see that my mother is clearly demented and living someplace in the past. She questioned her and was gentle, but responded honestly to my mother’s concerns about how she is being treated by Alice and me. Guay said, “You are weaker now than you were before, and less able to do what you used to do. I can tell that you were an independent woman, and I understand that this must be very hard for you.” Later Guay told me that she is here as much for Alice and for me as for my mother. Yay! AND, she offered to call my aunt for me and speak to her about the Hospice program to address the resistance to Hospice that I am feeling from her and from my mother’s other relatives.

Charles all but kissed my mother’s hand upon meeting her. He was very attentive and polite, and my mother was honored.  He gently checked her physically, carefully asking permission before he listened to her breathe, took her blood pressure and examined her feet, among other things.

Charles will visit about once each week. He will be in touch with Alice and with my mother’s doctor about her medications, her sleep and her progress. We are to call Hospice if we have ANY questions or concerns, any time of day or night.

The Hospice team meets every week and every other week they will discuss my mother’s case. She will be cared for by a neighborhood team: the social worker, the nurse and the spiritual care counselor.

I love the team approach, I love the respectful demeanor of the staff and I love the feeling support that I now have.

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