September 3, 2014

Resting Bitch Face


I had never heard of this before until last night when my daughter explained to me that I have RESTING BITCH FACE and that this may explain why so many people whom I encounter, but who do not know me well, believe that I am mean.

I had no idea.

I was really hurt.

I was devastated!

Being a 1st grade teacher of young, impressionable children, this is quite a serious complication.

My mother is mean. My aunt is mean. My cousin is mean. My daughter can be mean. But I have never thought of myself as mean.

Rather, I pride myself on being clear, firm. and consistent. But I do not think of myself as being mean. However, many six-year-olds interpret these qualities as meanness. But, they are six.

But now, the world at large? This changes my whole perspective!

Actually, to me, RBF translates to: LOOKING UGLY!

My daughter is revealing to me that she believes that I have an ugly, mean, bitch face.


My feelings are really hurt. (Did I mention that?)

However, being a responsive and receptive person in her fifties, I consider myself open to hearing such (harsh, hurtful) opinions/criticisms and thus feel that I am open to the idea of making positive changes in my behavior and demeanor, (and to my face.)

Today, I went to school and adopted a constant, pleasant smile, trying to look open, affable and completely un-bitch-like.

My colleague, Tammy said, "You look psychotic."

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