December 16, 2014

I Lost 20 Pounds! (In 4 months…)

This past summer, I was feeling fed up with myself about my weight. I felt that I was surrounded by people who had wrestled control of their body weight, and, who were feeling and looking good.  I was ready.

I considered joining Weight Watchers, again, but decided against it because going to meetings is time consuming and weighing in is stressful for me. It just doesn’t work. I didn’t feel that I would be successful.

On TV, Dr. Oz has a new plan for successful weight loss each week, but none felt just right to me. I’m not sure I trust a person who embraces 52 weight-loss methods per year.

So, I Googled other options. I found a blog post by a woman whom I do not know and cannot contact other than via twitter (I will ask my son to help with this.) The title is: HOW I LOST 20 POUNDS IN ONE MONTH.  That wasn’t my goal, but I read the article anyway. What I learned from this woman is that everyone one is different. What works for one person, may not work for another. Each of us must figure out what will work for us.

This is so true! I know what my Weight Watcher diet is, even if I’m not participating in a plan. I know how many points I can have, and I know how much food and what kinds of foods I can eat each day.

I also know that I must exercise regularly. I needed to develop a sustainable weekly exercise plan that is enjoyable. I do two yoga classes each week and I run one to three times a week, weather and daylight permitting.

The blog woman said to develop a daily morning workout routine. She does 20 minutes per day. I cannot do 20 minutes per day on workdays, but I can do 5 minutes per day. That’s workable. I developed one, that meets my needs, and that takes 5 minutes. And I do it everyday.

I did not lose 20 pounds in one month. I lost 20 pounds in 4.5 months. But, I lost 20 pounds! And I feel great! Having clothes fit well feels better than any food tastes.

What is interesting to me is that my weight was so, very important to my mother my whole life. She was constantly disappointed that I was not thin and fit. As much as I wanted to be so, it was impossible for me, despite 35 years of trying. I had a few temporarily successful attempts at weight loss, but none lasted long.

However, this summer, when my mother could not notice or acknowledge, finally, my success, I was able to stick to my goals and to reach my goal weight.

I guess I did this for me and not for my mother or for anyone else.

Go, me!

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